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Friends of Kota Damansara (FoKD) was formed in 2006 to fight against the plan to tear down the Sungai Buloh Forest for property development. We have succeeded in doing so when the forest was gazetted in 2010.

KDCF-Logo-2FoKD adopts a holistic approach to achieve Sustainable Development through smart partnership. These partnerships are multi-sectoral partnerships involving Government, Businesses, Communities, NGOs and Caring Citizens.  against the threat of development of the Sungai Buloh Forest located within Kota Damansara. It was successfully gazetted in 2010. FoKD is an environment and social activists with a tag line of “Using Nature’s Platform towards Nation Building”. It follow closely the Local Agenda 21 Framework as a means towards achieving  Livable Cities.

This site provide overview details of Friends of Kota Damansara. The below sites provide details of our other activities.

kd.communityforest.net: How we use the community forest as nature platform for nation building.

www.caringcitizens.org : Our website to encourage all citizens to be responsible for nation building by being caring.

www.caring-communities : Details about communities who have adopted our Caring Communities concept and their progress towards making their communities-livable, safe and harmonious.

www.tai-malaysia.org : Our efforts in ensuring the practice of good governance through the ACCESS INITIATIVE (Access to Information, Public Participation, & Justice)


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